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Super Muffin - Pastry Sour Red Fruits - 44cl

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Well, let it be said, we are starting to have a look at red fruits with the Muffin range. But that was without counting on the super Muffin, a blend of all the fruits used so far, with a hint of strawberry & redcurrants. It's delicious, it's creamy and a little crazy, it's your taste buds that will thank us!

Food pairing: Red fruit muffin (the comedy rehearsal we love it)

Music chord: It's spring - Henri Dés

Technical information

Style : Pastry Sour Fruits rouges
Alcool : 6.7%vol
Malt(s) : Pilsner / Blé
Houblon(s) : Barbe Rouge
Levure(s) : Lachanceae / English Ale
Ajout : Fruits rouges 17% (Myrtille / Cassis / Framboise / Cerise / Mûre / Groseille / Fraise)
Dry hop : aucun
Spécificité process : fermentation mixte

Boisson fermentée - contient du gluten et du lactose
Prix au litre : 15.68€

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