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Mega Trip - Triple Belgian - 44cl

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Characteristic of the style, the notes are those of spices (cloves, nutmeg), banana and honey. Soft and round in the mouth, the brewers have worked on it so that it retains good drinkability, unlike some of its well-known counterparts.

Food pairings: Roasted chicken or mussels in beer or crusted pork tenderloin, forest mushroom sauce and butternut crumble

Technical information

Style : Triple Belge
Malt(s) : Pilsner / Abbey / Carabelge
Houblon(s) : Nugget / Cascade
Levure(s) : Abbaye
Ajout : aucun
Dry hop : aucun
Spécificité process : aucun

Bière - contient du gluten
Prix au litre : 11.14€

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